Monday, November 27, 2017

Fox Candlestick Scanner

Fox Candlestick Scanner

The indicator allows the analysis of the market through the identification and analysis of combinations of Japanese candlesticks.

Market analysis using candlestick - one of the most popular methods of technical analysis. Combination of candlesticks are used for two purposes. First, they help to identify current trends and identify suitable entry points to long and short positions. And secondly, most importantly, they warn, and this helps to identify possible turning points of the main trend.

The basic principle analysis candlestick combinations is to search for the standard model (reversal or continuation pattern), the interpretation of which makes it possible with sufficient accuracy to predict future price action.

We offer a new indicator Fox Candlestick Scanner.

Fox Candlestick Scanner is:

  1. Automatic indicator, which currently recognizes and analyzes the 12 kinds of combinations of Japanese candlesticks: Hammer, The Hanged Man, Inverted Hammer Shooting Star, Absorption bearish, Absorption bullish, Harami Bullish, Harami Bearish permeates candle, dark clouds, morning star, evening star.

  2. Text mark on the chart found on the combination of candles.

  3. Graphical symbol combination found significance (up or down arrow, implying further price movement).

  4. Color code found combinations (green color-combination of bullish direction, red color-combination of bearish direction).

  5. Intelligent lighting field mnogosvechnyh combinations.

  6. The indicator works on any timeframe of any currency.

  7. After detachment of the indicator from the graph it is "removed", thus all the components are removed and the schedule is clean.

Parameters display combinations

  • Hammer = true;

  • Handing_Man = true;

  • Inverted_Hammer = true;

  • Shooting_Star = true;

  • Engulfing_Bears = true;

  • Engulfing_Bulls = true;

  • Harami_Bulls = true;

  • Harami_Bears = true;

  • Piercing_Line = true;

  • Dark_Cloud_Cover = true;

  • Morning_Star = true;

  • Evening_Star = true.

In the future, the indicator will be improved in the direction of increasing the number of combinations of Japanese candlesticks and analytical algorithms. Also adviser is preparing to leave.

Fox Candlestick Scanner

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