Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ruble falls in anticipation of

Ruble falls in anticipation of Putin and Obama's meeting

On Monday
evening shows Russian Ruble
a slight decrease in the dollar pairs
and the euro - the market is waiting for the performance of Russian President Vladimir
Putin and his subsequent meeting with
politicians - especially with the President
US President Barack Obama. Morning and afternoon Russian
Currency tried to gain a foothold, despite
the decline in oil prices of more than
1.2-1.5%. In addition, the newly supported ruble
exporters, which, apparently,
sell currency for payment of the remaining
Debt - it is possible that at the end of
Day to pay Russian companies about
200 billion rubles.

according to
many analysts, the main event
today - the first in 10 years
Putin's speech at the UN General Assembly
and his meeting with Obama, because the leaders
We did not communicate live almost a year, and therefore
many expect from this meeting some
serious results.

By 17:55 MSK pair
USD / RUB traded
at 65.65 (+ 0.23%), and EUR / RUB
- at 73.60 (+ 0.28%).

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