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Advisor determines the direction of the trend and gives an estimate of the trend strength in percentage terms (for a maximum value of the course adopted by 100%).

The rating is given based on the determination of the following three components:

  1. A sign of the birth of the trend

  2. Confirmation of origin of trend

  3. The ratio of the direction of the emerging trend with long-term market trends

The maximum value of strength of the trend of 100% is estimated the market situation when the emerging trend in a small timeframe, receives confirmation in the medium term and the same direction as the long-term trend.

When analyzing the state of the market indicators are not used. Only the mathematical processing of market data from multiple timeframes according to the original formula.

Attention! Ambitious targets for predicting the future is not facing an advisor, only to assess the current state of the market (of course with the right to be wrong).

Councilor Practical application:

  • Advisor to attach to the window with the required tools;

  • in the absence of an open position of the instrument when the event "new bar", Advisor displays a message in the "alerts" with the direction and the "strength" of the trend;

  • if the advisor start issuing option trading recommendations was resolved, then in the same window you will be prompted to make a trade sale or purchase transaction with the size of the lot, taking into account the "power" of the trend and the size of the deposit;

  • decision to follow the advice or not, as well as directly committing transaction rests with the user.

To illustrate the suitability of the use of this EA to trade and to develop user techniques and your trading strategy in Expert Advisor provides Next option:

  • Advisor in the tester runs in the user mode specified trading parameters, it is possible to start the optimization (because of some internal constraints of the tester should be noted that the parameter "PeriodCalc" must not run in the tester at a value greater than 12).

When the advisor is important to install the following options:

  • Awareness_and_Acceptance_of_Risk - user acceptance of risk (risk understanding and agreement to take the risk on themselves), without that the adviser works only in the tester;

  • SLIPPAGE - allowable slip while performing trading application;

  • KSL - Stop Loss value is given by a minimum acceptable brake levels;

  • KTP - takeprofit defined by minimum permissible value in the stop levels; 

  • PeriodCalc - specifies the number of stories of bars used in determining the trend advisor (recommended 10-20);

  • KP - It defines the "threshold" advisor, ie minimum value "trend force" to identify trends as a trend (optimally 40-90);

  • ModeHuru - switch (1) or disables (0) mode when the adviser gives recommendations make a purchase or sale of a lot size calculated based on the "trend strength" and the size of the current balance;

  • AggressiveModeMM - choice of "aggressive" means control mode (in the size of the traded lot of calculations take into account the current value of the balance of trade).



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