Friday, September 1, 2017

Creator of Bitcoin was nominated

Creator of Bitcoin was nominated for the Nobel Prize

According to the publication
EconoTimes, nominee
the Nobel Prize next
year could be the author of the most famous
currently cryptocurrency "Bitcoin"
blockchain and technology. Name
the author and his personality, however, still
then for all remains a mystery - he
He prefers to stay in the shade.

The newspaper Huffington Post
Professor of Finance at California
University in Los Angeles Bhagwan
Chaudhry wrote that he was offered
nominate a candidate for the award
in the field of economic sciences. Chaudhry
I thought that it was Satoshi Nakamoto (under such
name known technology author
blockchain) deserves
Nobel Prize for having invented
the most disruptive technology of the XXI century - it's almost like a human invention of money for hundreds of years.

"His contribution did not change
only our perception of money, but can
be, and the role of central banks themselves in the process
the conduct of monetary policy.
He created an innovation negates
the need for expensive
money transfer services, such as,
for example, Western Union, plus releases from
payment of taxes for carrying out transactions
(Like Visa, MasterCard and Paypal) », - explains

He also hopes that
"For this creator Bitcoins"
to accept the prize will not be difficult. Rumors
rumors that Satoshi Nakamoto - this is not
just an alias, and the name of the whole
the development team. So while
it is unclear who and how will be handed
Nobel Prize in economics, if
it decides to award for the creation of Bitcoin.

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