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Who among Russian billionaires

Who among Russian billionaires in the army

Today, the country celebrates the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland, dedicated to all men - present and future defenders of Russia. We decided to check the biography of the famous Russian millionaires and find out which of them did not "cut" from the army, and gave honest debt homeland.

Mikhail Prokhorov - 9.9 billion.

In 1983, Prokhorov entered the Moscow Institute of Finance. With preparations for the entrance examination to the prestigious Moscow Institute of Finance, the Department of International Economic Relations (IER), Prokhorov was no problem. Especially, in addition to the certificate with honors from the English special school Prokhorov was able to get the recommendations of the District Committee of the Komsomol.
But after the first course, on their own future billionaire went to serve in the armed forces. Prokhorov is still fondly remembers the years of military service, "I myself served in the army, as a student of Finance Academy. I went there immediately after the first year and spent an unforgettable two years young life. In general, I do not know firsthand what it is, our army, with all its pluses and minuses. "
Prokhorov truly believes that military service is necessary to make a prestigious occupation, then there will be order. Here, he writes an oligarch in his blog: "My opinion - the army should serve all. While there will not go to the children of the elite - the order will not be. It should be fashionable, cool and prestigious. The guy who can not (will not) to defend their country, will not be able to protect their relatives - mother, wife, children. "

Roman Abramovich - 9.1 billion.

He served from 1984 to 1986 in the artillery of the town of Kirzhach Vladimir region. The Roman army was taken from the first year of the Ukhta Industrial Institute. Duties of the Roma was simple: he was sitting at the checkpoint and noted who entered and who left a part of the territory.
To avoid falling into "grandfathers" in the heat of his hand, in his free time duty future oligarch stuck in the car park, making it appear that helps engineers and drivers to repair vehicles. Officers are not particularly Abramovich drilled through frequent visits to the regiment of his uncle Abram with a huge bag full of liquor and delicacies. All this meant superiors favorite nephew. The very same Roman army did not drink and did not smoke - carefully monitor their health. In the winter he often pretended to be sick, not to stand in the cold wind in the morning, divorce and not to engage in forced marches.
Abramovich's passion to lead, in particular football, are already evident at the time. In the second year of service, he gathered of the football team, organized amateur performances. However, until the sergeant, he never rose.

Oleg Deripaska - 6.2 billion.

At the beginning of "gorbacheskoy" era was a brief period when even full-time students were taken into the army. In 1986, after the end of the first course of the Physics Department of Moscow State University Oleg Deripaska I had to wear a soldier's overcoat and boots. No clout with him in those days was not, and he was sent to serve in the missile troops Trans-Baikal Military District. In Chita Deripaska distributed in "Lad Camp", where trained sergeants. Oleg upset by bullying Dembele and all the forces fighting with them. Former colleagues recall that rare scuffle by older did without a report from the principal of Junior Sergeant Deripaska. As a result of truth-is constantly transferred from part to part, to get rid of revenge.
Now Deripaska, remembering the service, likes to show off. For example, a favorite army bike oligarch-dinner conversations with ignorant women: "I remember the APC, well, this armored vehicle stalled on a scholarship. I - squad. We are in the forest. Forty degrees below zero. Where it is necessary to spend the night. We slept in the snow under the trees, clinging to each other. Fortunately, we woke up normal ... At least, I have taught the children some things tobazovym for a soldier. "

Leonid Fedun - 5.3 billion.

Leonid Fedun - one of the few Russian billionaires, whose fate was also closely associated with the army. Father Leonid, Arnold Antonovich Fedun, was a military officer, he has behind him - Military Medical Faculty of the Kharkov Medical Institute and the Military Medical Academy named after Kirov. Perhaps that is why Leonid early age learned what military discipline. Father since childhood instilled in his son the qualities that have helped Leonid future to climb the career ladder in the "LUKOIL": pedantry, loyalty to corporate interests, accurate execution of orders. An example of a father and a strict military education in general were decisive for Leonid Fedun, who at the moment was able to earn in excess of 5 billion. Rub.
It would seem that the fate of Leonid Fedun was originally predestined: he decided to become a military man like his father, who in 1976 was already the chief surgeon of the Strategic Missile Forces. In 1972 Leonid Fedun entered the Rostov Higher Military School of the Strategic Missile Forces. But to continue the dynasty of military medics Fedun Jr. did not dare. Vybralvoenno-political department. In 1977, after the military school, Leonid Fedun continued service in the Strategic Missile Forces. But did not stay long in the army has decided to continue his education and enrolled in a postgraduate course at the Military Academy imeniF. Dzerzhinsky.
By the way, Leonid Fedun was a real lucky - changes in the country and society in the late 80's - early 90-ies, and often broke the fate of many officers, but he formally remaining a soldier, was away from the destructive processes that affected the army.

Oleg Tinkov - 0.5 Bln.

Oleg Tinkoff, a well-known Russian banker, being a promising young athlete, really did not want to serve in the army. At school age, Oleg Tinkoff quite seriously keen on road cycling and reached the tops of serious, repeated champion of Kuzbass, won more than 30 races! "In 1986, while working at the mine (Oleg Tinkov a native of the Kemerovo Region - FP), I lived in anticipation of spring, as hoped, that I will take to the SKA, Army Sports Club. Otherwise, the luminaries I call. And then my coach Ivan Stepanovich only probably just set me up - now I do not take offense to it: that is done - for the better. He promised me getting into the SKA, but there was only one place. In the spring conscription was another athlete born in 1967. The son of the chief of the Novosibirsk SKA. And for me, Oleg Tinkoff, the champion of Kuzbass, multiple winner of the competition in Novosibirsk SKA took this son. Although I had one foot "I swing the" - says the banker.
Therefore, in 1986, Tinkoff taken away to serve in the border troops. Year served in Nakhodka, was transferred to the Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, where he realized that mosquitoes means and -55 degrees Celsius.
Due to the fact that Oleg Tinkoff was a great athlete, he does not just "get" in the army. That's what says about the millionaire's life: "At one platoon in the frontier troops relied a Kalashnikov machine-gun, he was like a weight machine four, and in size - as two. Accordingly, run and crawl with him was much more difficult and uncomfortable. Of the 25 people no one wanted the gun went to him. I was approached by our commander, Captain Salah, and said: "Tinkoff, you are the master of sports, the growth of 190 cm - that's going to run around with a machine gun." So instead of a regular bicycle race in Novorossiysk I was in the army in the NCO School of the KGB border guards. I had to protect your peaceful sleep and our borders, two years and two months. "

By the way, Tinkoff believes that rumors of hazing in the army greatly exaggerated, as in his regiment, all was calm. "Yes, the army is a hierarchy. Yes, I washed the floors, and "grandfather" did not wash, but I have never been beaten in two years. Could push, give a kick in the ass, but no beatings were not "- says Tinkoff.

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