Monday, June 19, 2017



Below are the latest technical installations for EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD, EUR / CHF, AUD / USD, NZD / USD, and USD / CAD, as provided for in Barclays Capital.

EUR / USD: Nearby resistance at 1.1050 (200-DMA) helps to ensure that the sale .... Below 1.0985 will confirm the movement towards 1.0850, then our goals toward 1.0710.

USD / JPY: We are bearish and are looking for sale near 115.05 .. Below 110.95 will open our initial target to 110.35 / 05 then the target around 106.00.

GBP / USD: We bear .... we now expect to see further weakness towards support near 1.3850 and then our larger aims of 1.3500.

EUR / CHF: We are bearish in the short term after breaking below 1.0950. 1.0900 will indicate lower to 1.0835. In general, we expect the 1.0735 is support.

AUD / USD: We are bearish and expect resistance near 0.7270, 200-DMA. Movement lower than the initial targets near indicate 0.7070 to 0.6970, and then to the field of 0.6825.

NZD / USD: We are bearish to 0.6755 and are looking for a step in achieving near 0.6415 and then 0.6345.

USD / CAD: We are neutral. Movement is below 1.3640 to 1.3540 close to targets / 80 ... .zakrytie above 1.3870 (21-DMA), to signal to 1.4100 / 1.4330.

PS: signals are copied, distributed and earn

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