Friday, May 12, 2017

Sell ​​oil and ruble is not yet

Sell ​​oil and the ruble is not yet time

finished the week stock indices showed no unified dynamics. American
Dow Jones and NASDAQ was added 1.37% and 2.9%,
respectively. Support they received from the macro-economic
statistics, which reflected that the US economy is no particular
fears. Optimism, including provoked data on business activity in
industrial sector - an indicator moved in the growth zone (51.8 vs. 49.5 in February).
German DAX30 It lost 0.8%. Hong Kong HSI I grew
1.58%, which is partly related to the activity of public funds, which are activated
purchases. But Japanese Nikkei lost 3.66%, and most
movement he passed on Friday after the publication of disappointing Tankan report.

In the currency
steam market USD / RUB most of the week felt quite
confidently. But still the ruble lost part earned on Friday. AT
resulting vapor completed five days with loss of 0.85%. The growth leaders broke
NZD / USD and AUD / USD, ending the week with a score of 3.28% and 2.27%,
respectively. Most of the week the currency used by the weakness of the dollar, and in
Friday got a reason for optimism in the business activity data
China's industrial sector. PMI Caixin demonstrated a stronger,
than expected growth (49.7 vs. 48.2).

Commodity markets crude oil Brent It suffered losses after
Comments Prince of Saudi Arabia. By the end of the week the energy carrier
It fell to 38.63 dollars per barrel, losing 4.43%. precious metals
We did not show an unambiguous dynamics. Gold (XAU / USD) finished the week
at 1222.08, adding 0.43% to the closing of the last week. Silver
(XAG / USD) lost 0.77%.

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