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MiniColliderEA - trading robot assistant that allows you to fully automate the work of advisers from the series Virtual Collider Manual, presented by IPA Investments LTD:

The main purpose of trading robot MiniColliderEA is not simply to supply orders to them would pick up Virtual Collider Manual, and conduct powerful analysis of the market situation, identifying the current trend on the currency pair, clipping fletovyh and transition market conditions. All this is necessary to ensure that the grid created by advisor Virtual Collider Manual, from growing to a large size and has brought the situation to a margin call.

Next, important function Trading Robot MiniColliderEA - this balancing of open positions, to minimize drawdown and "keep" close to the Equity Balance. This balancing is very necessary during sharp market movements on strong news.

And last, the third function - emergency, for the force majeure on the market, is a configurable limit losses as a percentage of the deposit. So you never "merge" your deposit in full zero.

This version Trading Robot MiniColliderEA It supports on all instruments: Forex, CFD, on any timeframe.

Key features

  • Automatic supply orders.

  • Balancing opened positions.

  • Possibility dimensionless scale the number of subnets and orders in the subnet.

  • No need for optimization.

  • Easy to use, no extra settings.

  • The most powerful system for assessment of the market situation warrants filing.

Description of the main expert settings

  • Go_trade - true / false, permits or prohibits conduct real trade adviser, maintaining the display of the work.

  • Lots - the size of the lot being opened for trading.

  • Max_Spread - the maximum size for a spread-five plate above which the order will not be opened.

  • Slippage - the size of the maximum slip when opening an order.

  • Magic - warrants a unique number that is assigned when you open them.

  • Comment_order - unique commentary orders that is assigned to when they are opened.

  • MaxDrawDown - the maximum size of the drawdown in% of the deposit to the account, at which all open orders are closed on all currency pairs! If MaxDrawDown = 100, then this parameter is not used, and your deposit will not be protected.

  • NSeries - The maximum number of subnets that can create this EA.

  • MaxOrd_One_Series - Parameter indicates by how many orders in one lot, you can open the next subnet.

  • UsePairs - Currency pairs, over which the analysis and calculation of current market conditions. This list without the need to touch it is not necessary.

Demonstration of this EA on real account

The work of the adviser you can see on my real account on the links listed below:

  • Statistics on resource MQL5

Prerequisites for councilor

  • Availability of trading deposit US $ 50,000 or 50.000 cents, while starting work item 0.01

  • to broker requirements: To be able to simultaneously hold at least 500 open orders (with simultaneous operation in the 8u currency pairs)


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