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This indicator is able to display 1-2 MACD indicator on different timeframes and with different settings. The calculations used by EMA. Active indicators may activate a visual and audible warning when crossing the zero level, if activated by the user. Alerts can be set for one or both active indicator, even if they have different timeframes and periods. When installing notifications for both of the two MACD histogram should have the same value of zero to feed direction. At present the main chart panel with buttons that show the activity indicators and their settings. It is possible to hide the panel. Buttons allow you to temporarily hide one of the active MACD.

Added a button to send push-notifications and alerts via e-mail.

Description of settings

  • Panel location - snap angle to the display panel on the main graph.

  • Panel size - Panel size: normal or increased

  • Panel shift - shift the panel of the graph edges

  • Color of active MACD button - the color of the active indicator MACD

  • Color of inactive MACD button - color temporarily hidden active MACD

  • Use MACD - use one or both of the indicator: true / false

  • MACD time-frame - Select a timeframe for each MACD

  • Alert - true / false: a pop-up alert on the chart.


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