Sunday, January 29, 2017

Apex Scalper

Apex Scalper

The unique algorithm that determines advisor emerging demand and supply as they develop, and then enters a position in the Forex market at these levels. Transactions are made on the basis of prices in the areas of supply and demand fluctuations.

DO NOT use elements of martingale, grid, arbitrage or hedging.

Transactions are always protected preventive stop loss.

Intelligent output function

  • Loss prevention by means of transfer to breakeven.

  • Smart trailing stop.

  • Multi-level fixing profits. Target levels of profit spaced pips x apart.

security Features

  • Protection against volatility. Orders are removed from the market when exceeding a maximum volatility on 1-minute timeframe. This is to prevent hazardous conditions with an increased spread / slip.

  • Protection against dangerous spread. Orders are removed from the market at too high a value of the maximum spread. This is to prevent hazardous conditions with an increased spread / slip. New transactions will not be established until the mean value of the spread falls to an acceptable level.

  • New orders will be open only when a low spread / low volatility. This is a key factor for any scalper algorithm.

  • Check for problems with the transactions that Apex Scalper never left unprotected transaction. The critical feature for any serious trader.

Apex Scalper works on the hourly timeframe. On the currency pairs with low spreads.

Input parameters

  • Choose Money Management - lot management: fixed (Fixed lots) or dynamic (Dynamic lots).

  • Risk Setting - risk settings for dynamic lot size.

  • Fixed Lot Size - fixed lot size, if the above selected Fixed lots.

  • Max Spread Avg - maximum average size spread (the last 20 ticks) for which the installation is allowed pending orders.

  • max Volatility - maximum allowable volatility, above which prohibited trade.

  • Max # of Orders Replaced - the maximum number of orders that will be replaced after a weekend or dangerous spread / volatility.

  • Max Pending Orders - the maximum number of pending orders set by the market at the same time.

  • Max Order Distance - the maximum distance is allowed to reset the order. Measured in pips.

  • Order Offset - distance in pips to enter level shift orders to supply and demand zones.

  • Target Profit - Take Profit in pips.

  • Use Break Even - set true, to use the translation to breakeven.

  • BE Activation Pips - number of pips to activate bezubytka function.

  • Initial Stop Loss - the initial stop loss in pips.

  • Trailing Stop - trailing stop in pips.

  • TS Activation - number of pips to activate a trailing stop.

  • Trailing Step - increment to move stop-loss. For example, 0.5 pip. Trailing stop will move every 0.5 pips towards profit.

  • Multiple Entry Orders - true when it is determined several orders with different take profit spaced pips x.

  • Number of orders to open - number of orders with various levels take profit to be installed.

  • Target Profit Spacing - interval pips Multistage take profit (if Multiple Entry Orders = 'true').

  • Friday Exit Hour - hour on Friday, which will delete all pending orders. From 1 to 24.

  • Order Expiration Minutes - the expiry of warrants, set the value to 0 if your broker does not require an expiration time when sending of pending orders.

  • Max Order Retry - the maximum number of login attempts, or delete orders.

  • Initial Balance - the original balance. Select the entire balance of the account balance or enter a value that is allowed to use in trade adviser Apex Scalper.

  • Specified Balance - If 'Specified Balance' option above is selected, enter the size of the balance here, which will use the Apex Scalper.

  • Broker Digits - 4 or 5 decimal places with a broker. Recommended five-digit quotes.

  • Enable Broken Trade Check - check for problems in transactions at every tick. For example, the loss of connection to the Internet, "trade flow is busy", the price has changed before the installation of stop-loss, etc.

  • Delete Orders When EA is Removed - If you select 'true', all pending orders will be deleted when you delete a graphic adviser or re-initialization.

  • User Defined Tag - label, which will be added in the field of warrants comment. It can be changed by the user.

  • Magic Number - magic number for Apex Scalper. When you run multiple copies of the advisor on one account is required to use a unique number for each copy.

Choose a broker with minimum stop level to 0.
For maximum productivity with Apex Scalper it is strongly recommended that you use a fast connection to your broker. It is desirable to use VPS-server located close to the shopping broker servers.
Apex Scalper

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