Tuesday, June 26, 2018

RS Levels MT5

RS Levels MT5

The indicator plots the horizontal support and resistance levels,
Using grouping extremes. They are shown in the form of lines,
the color of which depends on the number of times in this region of level
It was the support and resistance. You can also customize the display
counters support, resistance levels and age in text form.
Age level shows how many bars back was the last impact
level rates (on the chart, with a period specified in the settings). Considering
age level, can make conclusions about the possibility of its influence on price
this moment. 

When displaying the values ​​of the following abbreviations:

supp = 1 // level once been enabled at said interval
res = 2 // level was twice the resistance at the specified interval
<-34 // recent impact on the price level was 34 bars ago

Below is a description of the input parameters.



scanning, expressed in number of bars from the bar with index
0 or the rightmost bar (depending on the value of the parameter "Redraw when
scrolling ").
schedule period,
which levels are built. It may be equal to the open period of the schedule
or different. Recommended best practice is slower
period. For example, if the indicator is open to M15 chart, the value
period to search for better levels to choose H1.
Number of nearest levels
How many levels of lines to display up and down from the current price.
Level line style
Style line level.
Level area
level action. Is defined in paragraphs. It means tolerance range
Extrema, grouped into levels. The higher the value, the less
They will be located levels.
Display level area
Whether or not the field level action. When set to true area are displayed as rectangles.
"Price" label position
Position on the screen level value prices. It can be left, right, middle, or does not appear.
"Support" label positionPosition on the screen counter value level supports. It can be left, right, middle, or does not appear.
"Resistance" label positionPosition on the screen counter value level of resistance. It can be left, right, middle, or does not appear.
"Old" label positionPosition
screen level age values. It can be left, right,
in the middle or do not appear. Given the meaning of the displayed
values, it is recommended to choose the "Right" position.
Text font.
font size
The font size of the text.
Redraw when scrolling
It defines the behavior of the indicator screen scrolling.
  • at a value of true indicator will be recalculated, being attached to the rightmost bar on the screen;
  • If false, the display will always be tied to the bar with an index of 0.

RS Levels MT5

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