Thursday, June 21, 2018

PeregrimEA Lite

PeregrimEA Lite

PeregrimEA Lite - This fully automated trading adviser, based on the principle of scalping at the closing and opening of the US Pacific trading sessions, when the fixation position of the largest players in the market and the short-term trend reversal.

PeregrimEA Lite It is completely different from PeregrimEA product. Both advisor recommended for use in order to diversify risks.

Adviser to monitor the work of the signals available on the page:

Unlike the other advisors, PeregrimEA Lite:

  • It does not use the "toxic" trading methods (Martingale, averaging, etc.);

  • It uses a fixed Stop Loss, which protects your trading capital.

AT PeregrimEA Lite integrated system for protection against volatile trading on the news. To activate the News filters permit WebRequest to the following address:

PeregrimEA Lite designed for operation in the terminal MetaTrader 4 M15 chart is optimized to operate on the following currency pairs:


PeregrimEA Lite It does not require additional configuration and set-files. Simply install the Advisor to the chart of the currency pair and select it from the list.

IMPORTANT: The EA uses time zone settings for the GMT time of the winter. If your broker winter time zone GMT + 2, and the summer GMT + 3, the counselor setting specifies winter zone - GMT + 2.


  • Comment - Comment opened transactions;

  • Symbol Presets - choice of settings for the currency pair;

  • Time Zone - Timezone;

  • MM Type - rules of Money Management;

  • Fixed Lot - fixed lot;

  • Percent of Loss - percentage loss of balance transaction;

  • Percent of Balance - the percentage of load balancing;

  • friday Trading - True - Allow trade on Friday;

  • Virtual SL / TP - Virtual Stop Loss / Take profit to protect against widening of spreads and non-quotations;

  • News filter - enable / disable the news filter.

PeregrimEA Lite

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