Wednesday, June 6, 2018

European stocks on Thursday continued

European stocks on Thursday continued to rise - all waiting for the ECB meeting

European stock
Wednesday grew up - the whole market in anticipation of,
what decision will the ECB tonight
- launch QE or not. Today indices
Europe continued to grow moderately.

Vchrea driver
for growth have been rumors that the leadership
The ECB is discussing the purchase of assets in the amount of
more than 50 billion euros per month until the end of
next year, and experts expect
quantitative easing in the volume
550-600 billion euros. This was news agency reported

On Wednesday, the consolidated
index of the largest companies in Europe
Stoxx Europe 600 rose by 0.61% - to 358.12 n British.
FTSE 100 indicator on Wednesday increased by
1.63%, the Bank of England confirmed
the unanimous decision of the Committee on
monetary policy to maintain
basic interest rates in the country
the current level. Now the index has grown more
0.21%. The French CAC 40 index rose
yesterday at 0.87% today - another plus 0.04%, and
German DAX increased by 0.41% (plus
another 0.03% today).

reviewing their forecasts on the eve of
ECB, - says the analyst of Bankhaus
Lampe KG Ralf Zimmermann. - However, in
Recently, the observed market
a significant rally, and there is the risk of feedback

for example, the shares of those companies that
yesterday well grown - Alstom SA on Wednesday
It increased by 4% due to higher revenues
11% in the III vartale, and today is still a plus
0.10%. But at the same time stock quotes
Dutch chip maker ASML Holding NV,
which yesterday rose 2.5% today
falling by 0.06%. British publisher
Pearson Plc (which publishes the Financial
Times) rose yesterday by 4.9%, and on Thursday
loses 0.42%. Breweries
SABMiller Plc yesterday also increased by 3%, and today
going down by 0.56%.

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