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DF Daily PivotPoint Support and

DF Daily PivotPoint Support and Resistance

This indicator calculates Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly pivot points, support levels and rates of resistance, and then adds the appropriate lines on the chart. For calculations indicator uses the selected one of the formulas (Classic, Camarilla, Woodie, DeMark, Floor and Fibonacci). You can change the color and style of the pivot line in the indicator parameters. You can also use a type of sending notifications ("Sound Alert", "Show Alert Message", "Send Mobile Message" and "Send Email").

Input parameters

  • Method - selection of one of the formulas to calculate the pivot points.

    • Classic

      • Range = High Price (HP) - Low Price (LP)

      • Pivot Price (PP) = (High Price (HP) + Low Price (LP) + Close Price (CP)) / 3

      • R1 Price = (2 * PP) - LP | S1 Price = (2 * PP) - HP

      • R2 Price = PP + Range | S2 Price = PP - Range

      • R3 Price = R2 + Range | S3 Price = S2 - Range

      • R4 Price = R3 + Range | S4 Price = S3 - Range

    • Camarilla

    • Woodie

    • DeMark

    • Floor

    • Fibonacci

Additional information about the formulas available in article.

  • TimePeriod - timeframe for calculating pivot points.

    • Hourly

    • Daily

    • Weekly

    • Monthly

  • ShowComment - If you select true, the graph will show some information on the levels of pivot (for example, the opening price, closing price, etc.).

  • AlarmType1 - select one of the types of alerts about price levels.

    • NoAlert

    • PlaySoundAlert - only use audio signal.

    • ShowAlertMessage - pop-up notifications, and sounds.

    • SendMobileMessage - push-notification, if you select this option, you must configure the terminal (Service > settings > Notifications).

    • SendEmail - e-mail notifications, when you select this option, you must configure the terminal (Service > settings > Mail).

  • AlarmType2 - selection of additional types of alerts. The parameters are the same as for AlarmType1.

Note: PlaySoundAlert options, SendMobileMessage SendEmail and are not available in the strategy tester. But when the ShowAlertMessage function you can see all Create an alert in the Strategy Tester journal.

  • MaxPipDeviation - sensitive alerts. For example:

Let S2 price is 1.092, MaxPipDeviation is 3. In this case, an alert sound when the price reaches the S2 range 1.089 - 1.095.

Note: This parameter can not be used on the hourly period. You can set up to 30 (pips) 5 or 3-digit pairs and 3 (pips) on the other pairs.

  • shortLines - If you select true, the pivot line will be short.

  • ShowLineName - if set true, the name of the pivot level appears in the lower right corner of the pivot line (e.g., [R2] 1.105).

design parameters

  • Resistance4Line - if you select false, this line will be hidden pivot.

  • Resistance4Color - Color line pivot R4 (for example: red, green, blue, etc.).

  • Resistance4Type - type pivot line R4.

    • Solid

    • Dash

    • Dot

    • DashDot

    • DashDotDot

  • Resistance4Width - the thickness of the pivot line R4.

    • Thin

    • Normal

    • Middle

    • Thick

    • Too_thick

Note: All parameters of the line and R4 are available for all other lines.

DF Daily PivotPoint Support and Resistance


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