Thursday, February 15, 2018

What else to expect from Greece

What else to expect from Greece trick? The Government once again acting against creditors

Another "slap" European lenders -
Greece is the labor reform. Government
has already adopted a law under which
dismissed "for hire back all
economy "of the public sector employees. A
if they ask lenders from
the government will take money, they
The answer is simple: "Give or expel
the eurozone". It is this version
scenario sees the publication "Vesti
- Economy ".

According to information
edition, the previous government
fired about 13-15 thousand. employees to
satisfy the conditions for the release
crisis tranches from the IMF
and the ECB. The current Greek government
It needs new credits, but those
who selects them, he does not want to talk.
"We are not going to be consulted.
We are not obligated to do so, because we
- a sovereign state"- he said
Nikos Voutsis recently, the Minister of the Interior

employees of the state apparatus will restore
and state media workers
«ERT» (it is about 2.6 thousand. People). Through
SYRIZA government will channel
strengthen its presence information
in the country. In fact
Greece's government has said more than once
one thing but do the opposite
- especially in relation to their
evrokreditoram. What other new tricks
the government has already managed to mess things up?

At first,
Greece has not yet been revealed plans
reforms. This was one of the main conditions
- provide a detailed plan
economic reforms. Athens vowed
to do this, but for a second month as the
It can only be pulled this point.
Indeed, the new government does not want to
to break his campaign promises.
And in fact, some reforms already underway, but
not those that are expected
"troika" creditors. The same
step recovery gossotrudnikov
- that European leaders at all
We did not expect, because they are asking for the maximum
austerity all issued by the country

Ministry of Finance of Greece changed its mind
implement previously agreed
reform - have been improved
system of electronic public procurement and
social payments. Lenders expect
that after the reform of the mechanism of transferring
funds from the Treasury will become more transparent,
Yanis Varoufakis but made it clear that
Greece will understand itself corruption and
inefficiency without outside control

the actual failure of terms of the negotiations -
most likely, it is also part of the plan
government. They can not send
their representatives, the change command
negotiators ... I think just Athens
trying to embroil parties "troika".
especially the European Commission and the IMF, especially
delaying negotiations.

All these
greek political "games"Undoubtedly
impact on the financial markets -
constantly euro suffers from unexpected
statements of politicians, investors withdraw
from the country of their savings, and economists
can not in any way to guess what will be the
next surprise from the government. It is clear that
Greece itself did not agree to withdraw from
the euro area, because without her help would be extremely
heavy. But, on the other hand, the force
European politicians to oust the country
It will be much more favorable to the euro zone and
the government itself. About this version
well said Managing Director
Arbat Capital Alexey Golubovic: "I think,
to Greek politicians, if they
kicked out of the eurozone, it is certainly a plus.
If they say to everyone: we have decided we are
proud, we do not need the euro - a very
dangerous, suffer most of the business.
Users will see their property,
Real Estate - Commercial, Residential,
suddenly devalued, because the other
currency that will be in place the euro will
at first to fall in price. And from that,
that your property was worth
Suddenly half, no one will
happy. Therefore, a much better show,
we fought, and "The ECB and other bad
eurobureaucrats" We kicked out".
And even if Greece kicked out of the eurozone,
she again blame all their troubles
creditors and for many years to live
poor and the drachma, but with his understanding of "normal" political sphere.

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