Monday, February 26, 2018

Narrator Fibonacci Auto and Manual

Narrator Fibonacci Auto and Manual English Voice

The indicator is designed for traders who use Fibonacci techniques in the analysis of the various assets. The product can be run automatically, being displayed on the ZigZag lines. However, you can easily switch to manual mode and use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the different lines ZigZag or simply drag and drop the Fibonacci levels where necessary. It is an indicator of the category of "set and forget". The indicator provides voice alerts (using our suite of audio files), as soon as the price approaches the key Fibonacci levels.


  • Voice alerts (a set of audio files supplied with the product).

  • User-friendly navigation and interface.

  • Flexibly configurable input parameters.

  • The indicator continues after loss of Internet connection, the terminal is restarted, or a change timeframe.

  • Voice alerts allow you to keep abreast of market trends, even when you're not sitting at the computer!

  • You choose how many pips to reach the level of an alert should be triggered.

  • Currently, the following levels are supported: 38.2%, 61.8%, 127.0%, 161.8%, 261.8%, 423.6% and 685.3%.

  • If some of them you do not need, you can remove them in the window "Fibo properties ..." ( "Fibonacci Settings ...") by Fibonacci object and clicking the right button of the mouse.

  • Alerts to the remote level off automatically.


  • I - Background / status indicator.

  • R - reinstallation voice alerts on the current chart (useful if the alert triggered, but the price went in the opposite direction and before reaching the corresponding level).

  • C - reinstall Fibonacci in automatic mode.

  • B - to display the previous Fibonacci lines ZigZag.

  • N - display the Fibonacci next line ZigZag.

  • F - Fibonacci switch (to change the method from forward to reverse and vice versa).

editable parameters

In the ZigZag, you can set:

  • depth (Depth), the deviation (Deviation), the minimum number of bars (Backstep), i.e. all standard parameters typical indicator ZigZag, the bundled terminal MT5

In the Fibonacci you can set:

  • the number of lines ZigZag - ZigZag how many lines you need to build for the analysis of historical data.

  • ZigZag line on which you want to automatically display the Fibonacci.

  • direct method (Forward method) allows you to set the Fibonacci upside down, if you expect it to rebound from the resistance level. It is necessary to establish true.

  • how many points to reach the level should trigger an alert voice.

Narrator Fibonacci Auto and Manual English Voice


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