Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Asian markets rose on good reports

Asian markets rose on good reports from Japan

May 25 on the stock markets
Asia Pacific Sales
resulted in good growth, investors
responded to an increase in reports
exports in April. About it
reports Bloomberg. So, today,
Japan's Nikkei 225 rose 0.74%, Chinese
Shanghai Composite - 3.28%, Australian S P / ASX
200 - 1%. Exchange of Hong Kong not today
It worked.

As we learned from
recent reports that the volume of Japanese
exports grew by 8% in April on a monthly
terms, while analysts expected
growth only at 6%. "The data on Japan's GDP
over the past quarter, published
last week called experts
doubts as to the volume of exports,
However, the April report dispelled all
fears"- says the analyst of Daiwa
SB in Tokyo Soihiro Mondsee.

According to reports, it was also
it is clear that exports from Japan grew in the US
21%, China - 2.4%. deliveries Japanese
abroad, the car became more in
April - 7.2%. The volume of imports in
Japan decreased to 4.2% (predicted
decrease of 1.1%).

The Japanese market also
today maintained the yen weakening
against the US dollar after statements
Fed chief Janet Yellen on plans to increase

The value of shares Toyota
Motor today jumped 1,2%, Tokyo Electric
Power - by 6.3%. Shares Takata Corp. It fell by 3.9% due to
new cars on the recall message
in Japan and Australia.

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