Friday, December 29, 2017

VR Your Period

VR Your Period

The indicator allows the trader to create any schedule period.

Now the trader can create, customize, and analyze graphs in the range from 1 to 10,000 minutes.


  • Time Frame / Period - the period specified schedule strictly in minutes, 1 hour = 60 min, 1 day = 1440 minutes and so on..

  • Prefix - unique label objects when multiple copies of the indicator. Prefix must be different for each copy, specify any two letters.

  • Position Edit Period - Y axis offset panel input period. It used while running two or more indicators.

  • Distance - the offset relative to the current schedule.

  • Body Fill - Fill bodies candles color.

  • To show the main candle? - show / hide the terminal schedule

  • Bulls Color Body - color bodies bullish candle

  • Bears Color Body - color bearish candle bodies

  • Bulls Color Border - stroke color bullish candle

  • Bears Color Border - stroke color bearish candle

  • Width Border - the thickness of the stroke spark

  • Start Time - start time of data analysis terminal candles.

The indicator can be started in the strategy tester. At the same time as the Start Time is recommended to indicate the start date of the test. Recommended testing period - M1.


The indicator is based on the terminal minute candle MetaTrader 4. The older date Start Time, the more minute the candles will have to convert light and draw the new candles.

For processing large amounts of data may take some time, so it is recommended to set Start Time is not older than six months.

The indicator is designed so that when it is installed between the native graphics terminal is changed to minute period without the possibility of change through a terminal key.

This is done to obtain the most accurate data to calculate other period specified by the user in the input field or indicator settings.

When installing any other indicators together with VR Your Period indicator party, and built into the indicators are calculated from the data terminal with terminal M1 and do not take for the calculation and spark periods indicator VR Your Period.

Limitation of the demo version:

The settings are retained only Period (maximum 10) and Start Time. Other settings are available in the full version.

Go to page demo.

VR Your Period


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