Monday, November 13, 2017

Original Candle Analysis

Original Candle Analysis

This indicator combines the capabilities of the already known indicators: and Its feature is that the user gets a flexible response tool because of its capacity to respond to the market situation. So Original Candles indicator reveals the support and resistance levels, which are not visible immediately. On the screen you will observe a kind of candles with all the properties inherent in them. Selecting a parameter InpModeCandels display model, which is more suited to your style of trading, it is possible to find significant levels of price effectively. From Big Candle indicator taken candlestick formations recognition system applied to the original spark and is a panel, which is located by the user in a place convenient for him and allows on the basis of the original technology to identify candlestick pattern formed by a combination of the three candles, but based on the idea that a candle one. In this candle, called a large, covered three candles on any timeframe. Candlestick formations that you can see are one candle shapes:

  • Yo Sen (Yo Sen, bovine);

  • In Sen (In Sen, a bear);

  • Hammer (bovine);

  • Hanged (bearish);

  • Inverted Hammer (bovine);

  • Shooting Star (bearish);

  • Standard doji or a doji star;

  • A long-legged doji;

  • Gravestone Doji;

  • Doji Dragonfly.

As well as the model:

  • A bearish engulfing pattern;

  • Three external bar down;

  • The curtain of dark cloud;

  • Evening Doji Star;

  • Bearish Harami Cross;

  • Three down inside;

  • Three black crow;

  • Evening Star;

  • A bullish engulfing pattern;

  • Three external bar upward;

  • Bullish Harami Cross;

  • Three up inside;

  • Permeates the candle;

  • Three white soldiers;

  • Morning Doji Star.


  • corner - Angle indicator output generated. Default - the upper left;

  • InpModeCandles - choice of candle display model (fine or coarse). Default - fine-tuning.

  • Bullish_candle - bullish candle. Default - Blue;

  • Bearish_candle - bearish candle. Default - Red;

  • Line_candle - line. Default - Green.

  • Fill color candles - staining color candles. Default - off.

  • set_Alert - signal pattern formation. Default - enabled.

  • Inclusion levels Fibo - switch (true) or disable (false) Fibo levels.

  • Installing Fibo Bobokus levels - inclusion Bobokus Fibo levels (true) or include standard Fibo levels (false).

  • Distance to turn Fib levels Bobokus - distance in points between the points of the last movement to visualize the Fibo levels Bobokus.

  • Color Fibonacci zone - the color of Fibo levels Bobokus.

Feature indicator is that it displays the candlestick patterns in a standard manner that is displayed in the line "3 bars:", but only on a large candle - "Big:". In the display panel, we can see new highs and lows, which indicates their importance and the magnitude of the excess in points. We must always remember that any patterns can be no guarantee that the price should not ignore. The indicator supports along with English and Russian language names output patterns. In addition, the indicator is equipped with optional installation of Fibonacci levels, which makes this a unique display system.

Original Candle Analysis

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