Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Prediction It will take half year

Prediction: It will take half a year to Dow Jones regained their losses

About three months
Dow Jones index fell
52-week high to
52-week low. he may
need 385 days to
return all that he had lost.

Why do some want
to sell the shares, even though they know that the market
will always rise to new highs
eventually? Maybe because,
they do not want to wait 18 months until
Dow Jones Industrial Average to recover their losses?
This trend toward recovery was seen not just by investors and analysts, and they believe,
it is still a clear signal to
buy shares. As billionaire speaks
Investment guru Warren Buffett,
you have to be greedy when others are fearful.

Online platform
Investors have experienced a surge of creation
new accounts and deposits at the beginning of
Last week, when the Dow Jones
fell into correction territory where
has not been for many years - during the day the index
down almost a thousand points.
Wall Street analysts applauded
improved "evaluation" and signal "risk
VS award"And evaluation 11
shares of the Dow list were
improved, and the paper is only one company
We received the worst evaluation. In the fall of 1897 on
points in six sessions greatest
loss was on Tuesday, when the index
Dow rebounded to 988 points. The Dow on Friday
It fell by only 11 points.

But before the new
Investors pat yourself on the back for
committed in the recent decline in the purchase, they should
keep in mind that Buffett also said,
that some things take time. A
Can you afford to wait?

Up to 52-week low
Dow Jones reached on
Last week, in less than 70 working
days after reaching a 52-week
maximum. This is a very fast movement
in the history of the index, according to Sundial Capital
Research. In general, the history of the Dow
21 times dropped from the new
maximum to a new low for at least
than 100 days. Data show
that after this decrease in the average number of
days it takes to return to the
a new high, it was 5.5 times more than the
It was "spent" the fall. Therefore
, the Dow Jones Industrial Average should
recover after about 385
days (77 weeks), or a year and a half.

By the way, after
Black Monday in October 1987,
when one day the Dow
It fell by 23% and failed many
investors, the rebound is still held by 262 weekday, it's just over a year. A
after the index has fallen in
September 2001, it took him
about two years to get everything back
lost mark.

"It will take time,
to work off those price levels, which
we saw", - said the head of Sundial Capital
Research Jason Gupfert.

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