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Hadge - expert at the same time opens a position BUY (the main characters) and SELL (on hedge-symbol), closes a position with a positive profit for Take Profit and opens a new one in the same direction, the position of a negative profit averages in the 'Averaging' time after ' AveragingLevel 'points. After closing the averaged position Take Profit or Stop Loss (TrailingStop) nonaveraging also locked position, regardless of the outcome.

Trading volume is used to open positions, depending on the deposit. It is possible to limit the maximum amount of risk in% of the deposit.

Parameters trading advisor may change without disconnecting the expert through its interface (see. "Screenshots" section).

schedule period is irrelevant.

Expert works with four- and five-digit quotes with.

Expert Settings:

  • Volume - volume position in% of the current balance;

  • Risk - the risk level in% of balance at which expert closes a position on and off;

  • Averaging x - fold averaging position with a negative profit;

  • AveragingLevel Pip - averaging level position with a negative profit;

  • TakeProfit - the level of Take Profit in points for the fixing of profit;

  • TrailingStop - activation of function "trailing stop" c Breakeven levels on average position;

  • Breakeven - level task (in points) transfer transaction tracking and loss-of function "trailing stop";

  • Symbol Hage or Suffix (.h) - a symbol of a pair of hedge or a suffix to the main pair. 

EXAMPLE suffix: main pair - EURUSD; a pair of hedge - EURUSD.h (.h suffix).

An example of a character named hedge: the main steam - NZDUSD; symbol pair hedge - AUDUSD.

hedge pair can be any currency pair that allows you to organize the "Castle", at the discretion of the trader.

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