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FXrent - fully adaptive trading system. Applicable trade strategy is constant adaptation to the behavior of the commodity price. On the "quiet" market is being "baffle" strategy, with strong movements rynka- "breakout" strategy. And Advisor FXrent he adjusts the option to use each tool.

When the price is only a tool, and as a function of this position is taken on the opening decision.

trading strategy - Scalping aggressive, but with a low risk for the deposit.

The day may open / close to 100 transactions.

adviser FXrent easily adapts to any market conditions.

With the power of the Advisor settings, you can "take profit-loss" as the standard for TP, and in "total profit-loss" in the account currency.

Numerous filters allow you to use a comfortable trading conditions, such as:

  • reverse signals,

  • the possibility of increasing the position the next time the market or trading% of the deposit,

  • control the spread,

  • time control of the EA,

  • closing of all positions at the close of the market,

  • the opening of the filter positions, depending on the indicator BBbands,

  • trailing stop,

  • transfer function in the "break-even position,"

  • the possibility of notification by e-mail, the PUSH notification, doing business magazine,

  • It works with ECN accounts.

Advisor recommended for use on the M5 chart, M15, but it is possible and all other charts.

Currency pair can be any, trading instrument XAUUSD is also very interesting.

All the necessary information about the trade appears anywhere on the screen (by default, left)

  • Time

  • Last spread

  • Balance, equity

  • The number of open positions

  • Profit Loss

  • System settings

options Advisor

  • BB - "===== BB Filter =====";

  • Use_BB_Filter - inclusion filter, calculated on the indicator Bollinger Bands

  • Time_Frame_BB - the period for calculating the indicator Bollinger Bands

  • Trading - "===== TRADING =====";

  • SecondsMarket - timing of price movements

  • PriceChange - the number of price points passed

  • Time_Frame - usage period counselor / 0 = current schedule

  • Take_Profit_Pips - Take profit, specified in paragraphs

  • Stop_Loss_Pips - Stop loss, specified in paragraphs

  • Take_Profit_Money - profits in the account currency, while achieving all that was in the deal closes

  • Stop_Loss_Money - a loss in the account currency, at which all trades are closed

  • Start_Lot - the initial volume of positions

  • Max_Lot - the maximum amount for the open positions at which positions are opened initial volume

  • Auto_Lot - inclusion of trade% of the deposit

  • Lot_Percents -% of the deposit for open positions if Auto_Lot = true

  • Lot_Multiplier - multiplication factor for the subsequent discoveries of positions

  • System - "===== SYSTEM =======";

  • Period_BB - Bollinger Bands indicator calculation period for the adaptation of the position opening

  • Level - calculation Bollinger Bands indicator bandwidths for adapting the opening position

  • Combine_Buy_and_Sell - switch function, in which the possible closure of the divergent positions after reaching the profit / loss in the currency of the account

  • Min_Delay_Minutes - opening position subsequent delay in minutes

  • Buy_After_Sell_Only - switch function, in which is possible to open one position and SELL BUY

  • Enable_Reverse_Trades - Reverse switch signals

  • MaxOrdersTrade - the maximum number of open positions

  • Spread - "===== SPREAD FILTER =====";

  • Use_Spread_Filter - inclusion of the spread limiting function

  • Max_Spread - the maximum level of the spread, in which the opening position can not be

  • Trailing - "===== TRAILING STOP =====";

  • Enable_Trailing_Stop - inclusion Trailing_Stop function

  • Trailing_Stop_Start_Level - the initial level at which the function is activated Trailing_Stop

  • Trailing_Stop_Distance - distance to the prices of Trailing_Stop

  • BreakEven - "===== BREAK EVEN =====";

  • Enable_Break_Even - inclusion of the break-even function

  • Break_Even_Level - the distance at which the function is activated breakeven

  • Break_Even_Profit - minimum profit margin


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