Tuesday, October 17, 2017

European stocks were down on T

European stocks were down on Tuesday

This is the second
straight session on Tuesday came down
stock indices of the Old World.

affected the market sentiment German
Statistics and Spanish. consumer
prices in Germany fell by 0.2% year on
terms - again, six months after the
January events in the largest economy
Eurozone deflation. AT
Spain deflation expected, but instead of 0.5%
predicted by analysts, its value
It proved to 1.2%.

Stoxx Europe 600 down
0.32%; CAC 40 lost 0.31%;
DAX dropped to 0.35%; FTSE
100 decreased by 0.83%.

down the pharmaceutical sector:
Novo Nordisk has lost 1.8%
capitalization, fell 8.1% Hikma

Glencore yesterday
He has publicly stated that he had no
problems with solvency. the
believe a certain part of investors,
therefore shares the concern rose yesterday
17%, thus recouping some of
30% misfit loss Monday.

And here
Volkswagen continues to walk
down: yesterday it lost 3.9%. In the media there
uncomfortable about that,
Group leadership back in 2005 - 2006 years
it was decided to supply diesel cars
special "bugs" to falsify
Ecotest results.

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