Thursday, October 5, 2017



EA works on the daily chart (D1) and any symbol.

  • Minimum deposit $ 100 with the leverage of 1: 500.

  • By default, configured to work with EURUSD D1. To work with other settings symbols should be selected.

  • Before you run the EA on real account, test it on a story or a demo account.



  • MagicNumber = 24011988 - magic number adviser

  • Takeprofit = 200.0 - Take Profit in points

  • Stoploss = 100.0 - stop-loss points

  • Trailingstop = 100.0 - trailing stop in points

  • Lots = 0.0 - fixed lot size; 0.0 means avtolot as a percentage of risk

  • MaxLots = 5.0 - maximum lot

  • RiskPercent = 5 - risk percentage for avtolota size

  • Slippage = 3 - slip

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact me.


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