Tuesday, August 1, 2017

XAUUSD correction after decline

XAU / USD: correction after the decline resumes. trading recommendations

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the Fed on Wednesday raised its benchmark interest rate in the US for the first time in nearly a
A 10-year period, the US dollar appreciated sharply on Thursday in the market. The dollar index
WSJ grew by almost 1.0%, surpassing the mark of 90.7, and is near the 10-year-olds

enthusiastically welcomed the Fed's positive forecasts about the state of
The US economy and the Fed's plans for a gradual increase in rates
Over the next three years.

The Fed thus runs counter to the central banks of other countries with
largest economies, are moving towards easing its monetary

In the past
Thursday Price Spot gold fell below the 1048.00 level. The last time such
the price was in 2010.

On Friday
after a sharp fall in Thursday's gold price is adjusted from the opening day.
Most likely, the market will continue to fulfill today the Fed's decision to tighten
monetary policy in the United States. The dollar will continue to grow, and the price of gold - to decline.

News today is worth paying attention to the evening news on the US. Thus, in
14:45 (GMT) will leave indexes of business activity in December from Markit. at
positive data the dollar will continue to rise. When data can be worse than forecast
profit-taking and closing of long positions on the US dollar, which may cause
decline in the dollar and short-term growth XAU / USD pair.

In the medium
term, gold ...READ MORE

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