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EA does not trade and not tested on history.

Trailing Stop feature updates the price stops while moving in a favorable direction of the market.

Dynamic Trailing Stop

Thanks to the dynamic trailing stop, a stop order is moved in the direction of deal with each item profitable deal.

For example: you have opened the position to buy EUR / USD at a price of 1.3000 (0) and set the stop-loss of 20 points at the price 1.2980 (0), and activated the dynamic trailing stop.

  • Price EUR / USD rose by 30.2 points to 1.3030 (2)

  • With 0.1 points each stop loss is automatically raised. Following the price movement in 30.2 puntka, the stop moved to the level of 1.3010 (2)

  • With the increasing price of EUR / USD increase stops continue

  • If the EUR / USD falls, the stop will remain at 1.3010 (2). If the price of EUR / USD falls to 1.3010 (2), triggered stop-loss and close the deal near the best market price

Description of the input parameters

  • Trail = true - enable / disable automatic trailing

  • TrailingStop = 15 - the default of 15 points, set the required value


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