Friday, August 18, 2017



This robot, as an ancient robber Procrustes, looking too long movement. How to catch, will cut as it should be.

The default settings are exposed almost by accident, not the fact that they are the best. it is recommended to select different for each instrument.

Description parameter

  • Lots - the amount of each transaction.

  • Stop - resolution initial stop loss for each transaction in points. For currency pairs with 3 or 5 th point marks after the point size is 0.01 or 0.0001, respectively. In other cases, the item - the smallest price change.

  • Profit - size of the largest profit for a series of transactions in points. The length of the "Procrustean bed", so to speak.

  • trailStop - the size of the trailing stop in points. Stop tightened once after each bar in the graph is calculated from the extreme value of the bar itself.


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