Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Get Price Action Expert

Get Price Action Expert

Get_PA EA trades on patterns Price Action (pin bar and outside bar).

Councilor parameters:

  • slippage - maximum slippage in pips when opening or closing.

  • magic - number to identify the transaction.

  • lot - the amount of the deal.

  • profit - Take Profit Pips (0 - disabled).

  • loss - Stop Loss pips (0 - off).

  • trail - Trailing in pips (0 - disabled).

  • pivot_sell - price level above which the adviser will sell.

  • pivot_buy - price level below which the adviser will buy.

  • pb_spread - the minimum size of pin bar in pips, which is the adviser will be taken into account.

  • ob_spread - the minimum amount of outside bar in pips, which is the adviser will be taken into account.

Attention! For best results when using this expert recommended to set the stop loss equal to 0. By using 0.01 Lot deposit should be no less than 1,000.
Get Price Action Expert

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