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Indicator correlation and divergence currency pairs - all couples on one chart. Displays all pairs which are visible in the terminal. Full synchronization of schedules.


Traders using multicurrency trading strategies can visually observe the movement of prices of selected pairs on one chart to compare the parameters of their movement.

Is quite effective assistant for multi-currency trading - "pair trading" and "portfolio trade", it helps to determine in advance the emerging movement.

The technique is reduced to two strategies, the first of which is designed to find differences between the currency pairs after the release of important news or at the opening of trading platforms. The logic of such an operation is extremely simple and is based on the assumption that after a "storm" in the market subsides, the price delta between the instruments begin to converge again. It is recommended to pay attention to the strong support and resistance levels to avoid purchases directly under strong resistance and selling at the bottom.

Identifying false breakouts support / resistance levels.


  • Turn over any pair in the graph

  • Identify patterns in the history of virtual purchases or sales of several pairs

  • It calculates the distance in a selected area, how many took place price points

  • Visually determine the effect of currency movements

  • Choose a different display color for each currency pair

  • display style: Bars, candles, lines, Heiken Ashi

  • Synchronization timeframes and scroll all the graphs

  • The ability to trade any pair on one main chart

  • Alert in excess of the price changes in the "items" for "Time"

Convenient to use, complete with indicator "CorrelatePairs"


LED mounted on one schedule!

It does not work in the tester!

For details, see the video

Advisor that is used in the video - is applied in the discussion (to put on one chart!)


  • General Setting

    • Show Instrument - choice of type of market: Forex, CFD, Futures, Indices

    • Count letters NameSymbol - the number of characters displayed on the buttons

    • Sort Symbol Name - sort code?

    • Amount of buttons in the column - The number of buttons in the column

    • lot calculation - Lot for calculation

    • Line back in history - the number of bars in history when you first install and switching timeframe

    • Lines are always visible - line is always within sight of the graph while scrolling

  • Show on the Bar / Candle / Line

    • What to show? - price / symbol

  • Color Grid

    • Color Grid - grid color

  • Setting Heiken Ashi / MA (line) (Builds on MA)

    • MA Method (SMA | EMA | SMMA | LWMA) - Heiken Ashi averaging method

    • Ma Period Default - averaging period by default

  • Setting Time Price Change (Speed)

    • Control Time (sec) "0" - OFF - time between scans in seconds

    • Averaging period ATR (Day) - period calculating ATR

    • Price change percentage of ATR (%) - price change in percent for feed Alert

  • Show Button Pivot

  • Show line in all charts

    • Show line in all charts - show synchronized line in all graphs (Yes / No)



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