Friday, July 14, 2017

FFx Standard Deviation

FFx Standard Deviation

The aim of this new version of the standard MT4 indicator included in the delivery platform is to display the pane in several timeframes of the same indicator. See. The example in the figure below.

However, light is not reflected as a simple MTF indicator. It is a real LED display on its timeframe.

The available settings display in FFX:

  • Selection for displaying timeframe (from M1 to MN)

  • Setting the width (number of bars) for each timeframe window

  • The pop-up notification / sound / email / push-notification (reversal standard deviation)

  • Enable / disable notification directly on the graph

  • Setting of all colors

  • And also, of course, all the usual setup of the standard indicator

How to set an alert:

In the pop-up settings window: Select the desired alert and mode (tip and / or sound and / or email and / or push-notification)

Then in the graph: Select the bell icon (double-click) and drag it. At the next tick has arrived it will return to its original position, but the color change to indicate that its status has changed. Color change from red to green indicates that Alethea activated. From green to red - off.

FFx Standard Deviation

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