Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Closing Orders At Specified Time

Closing Orders At Specified Time EA

Utility Closing Orders At Specified Time closes open and removes the pending orders at a certain time. You can adjust the time of closing orders, as well as select the type of closed orders (all, only the public, only pending), symbol (close to all or select up to three characters) and the magic number. You can also close the only profitable or loss-making orders only. The utility can also disable other trade counselors on the same terminal MetaTrader 4 (Disable_AutoTrading_After_Closing_Orders set to True). After completion of the utility terminal is closed.



  • Your_Broker_Hour_To_Close_All_Orders = 1 - hour closure / removal orders

  • Your_Broker_Minute_To_Close_All_Orders = 0 - minute closure / removal orders.

Deletion of pending orders:

  • Delete_All_Pending_Orders_At_Specified_Time = True - True when all pending orders are removed at the specified time in the above setting.

Closing Orders:

  • Close_All_Opened_Orders_At_Specified_Time = True - if True all open orders are closed at the appointed time in the settings above,

  • Close_Only_Profitable_Orders = False - if True profitable orders are closed at the appointed time in the settings above,

  • Close_Only_Losing_Orders = False - if True unprofitable orders are closed at the appointed time in the above setting.

Closing Orders by the magic number:

  • Close_And_Delete_Only_Orders_With_Specified_Magic_Number = False - True when closed / deleted orders having the specified magic number,

  • Magic_Number = 0 - magic number closed / deleted orders (must be an integer, e.g., 12345, 55555).

Closing Orders by the symbol:

  • Close_And_Delete_Only_Orders_With_Specified_Symbol = False - True when closed / deleted orders on said symbol,

  • Symbol_1 = "" - the string value determines character name, which are deleted / closing order (e.g., EURUSD, GBPJPY, DAX30, EURUSD.m, STOXX50E),

  • Symbol_2 = "" - the same thing,

  • Symbol_3 = "" - the same.

Disabling the automated trading and terminal after closing orders:

  • Disable_AutoTrading_After_Closing_Orders = True - True if closes after removal of terminal / close settings specified in the above orders to said hour and minute (advisors / scripts / indicators, etc., operating in the same copy MetaTrader 4 are disabled).

Good luck!

Closing Orders At Specified Time EA


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