Monday, May 22, 2017

Dollar may get additional incentives

The dollar may get additional incentives for growth

finished the week growth stock indexes broke. In addition to technical
factors intervened in the case and the geopolitical risks in the form of explosions in Brussels on
Tuesday, and quite aggressive comments from the US Federal Reserve. During
weeks we have heard a number of statements that the Federal Reserve, it might make sense
consider a rate hike already at the meeting to be held in
April. On this background benchmarks showed multidirectional movement
and to the final short working week came with inexpressive results.
American Dow Jones and S P decreased by 0.23% and
0.43%, respectively. German DAX30 It lost 0.4%.
Some support for the benchmark was against the background of a downward correction of the pair EUR / USD.
Hong Kong HSI It fell to 3.04%, in particular, and against the backdrop of the withdrawal of posts
a ban on the sale of shares in China.

In the currency
steam market USD / RUB to stop the decline. Quotes complete week
virtually unchanged. The largest growth was a couple USD / CAD, Add
2.03%. Falling oil prices and a revision to the increase in US GDP for the 4th quarter
allowed the pair to revert from recent lows. Couple GBP / USD became
the leader of the fall, down 2.38%. A key factor in pressure per pound
are growing concerns about a possible withdrawal of Great Britain from the EU.

assets during the week remained "in the red". The dollar enjoyed high
demand in the background of the "hawkish" comments by the US Federal Reserve, which had a
pressure on assets denominated in it. impressive drawdown
demonstrated precious metals. Gold (XAU / USD) has completed
the week at 1216.49, losing 3.03%. Silver (XAG / USD) decreased by
4.04%, down to a 2-week low 15,133. crude oil Brent
He retreated from its yearly high and closed the week with a total of -2.39%.

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