Monday, May 8, 2017




  • CycleTrapBand - fully automated Forex-Advisor. It follows the trend, summarizing the profit and loss trend and hedge positions.

  • Uses Bollinger Bands.

  • Powered by M15. Target currency GBPJPY.

  • Closes all positions before the weekend.

  • It is not recommended to use the expert, if the stop-LEVEL GBPJPY than 10 pips.


  • FUNDA - buying and selling at the value "0", only the purchase at the value "1" and only the sale at the value "-1".

  • magic - the magic number.

  • lots - the number of lots trend position. 0.01 means one thousand monetary units.

  • losscutPips - limit losses in pips on the trend position.

  • losscutPipsReverse - limit losses in pips on the back position.

  • profitPipsTotal - profit in pips, which generalizes the profit trend and hedge positions.

  • losscutPipsTotal - loss in pips, summarizing loss trend and hedge positions. Sometimes closing occurs on the internal logic of the expert.

  • trapIntervalPips - stop level in pips greater than the stop level of investors.

  • reverseRatio - enter the value coefficient lot hedged position with respect to the value of the lot of the trend position. For example, if the trend lot position is 0.01, and the lot hedged position has a value of 0.03, you must specify 3.

  • TestGMTOffset - for backtesting indicate GMTOffset (time padding GMT), according to historical data. In normal use, set this parameter is not necessary, as advisor to the server automatically uses GMTOffset.


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