Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Most Asian indexes fell on Monday

Most Asian indexes fell on Monday

On Monday
most indexes Asia-Pacific
the region finished trading in the red:
investors cautious on expectations
a large number of events this week.

shanghai Composite completed
trading in positive territory at 0.27%. investors continue
worry about the continued
regulatory investigations against
China's largest brokerage
companies. However, brokers managed
to finish the day in various ways: CITIC
Securities lost
1.51%; China
Merchants decreased
only 0.2%; Founder
Securities managed
back in the green zone, completing
session in positive territory at 3.27%. Haitong
Securities saw
one of its largest intraday
failure: the company's stock fell by 9%.

banks were trading in positive territory on the news
the probable inclusion of the yuan in the basket
SDR (about
what it will be known today after
IMF meetings). ICBC,
Agriculture Bank of China, Bank of China CCB and
Bank of Commerce added
between 0.64% and 3.8%.

analysts write that likely
a new devaluation of the yuan.

Hang Seng
0.33%. At the rally in Hong Kong last week
showed the biggest drop
two months.

analysts write that the shares in Hong Kong
less and less attractive to
investors due to economic problems
in China. It plays its role and potential
the inclusion of the yuan in the IMF basket. This will
means the further reform of the market, and
they, in turn, will lead to the fact that
Shanghai shares or Shenchzhenskoy
Exchange will become gradually more accessible
for foreign investors. Therefore
, the role of Hong Kong as a global
investment hub between mainland
China and the rest of the economic world
will gradually decline.

0.69%. The Japanese index continues to lose
position. Investors are not convinced
statistics released today.
The volume of industrial production was lower
than expected according to forecasts.

I lost
about 1.82%. Seoul Stock Exchange index went
down following the shares of "blue chips"
and high-tech companies. Here
also came out negative statistics
industrial production.

S P / ASX 200
0.7%. On the Australian index pressured
low oil prices and other commodity

Manufacturing companies
raw materials, finished the day mostly
in the red zone. Fortescue
Atlas Iron lost
4.85% and 4.55% respectively.

BHP Billiton lost
his footing and fell by 3.62% to
the news that the federal government
Brazil plans to sue
the company from the catastrophic break
dam on the Samarco iron mine,
that killed at least
13 people and it has been polluted river
a fine of 5.24 billion dollars.

We felt the cheaper yellow
metal. Newcrest
Mining lost
3.88%; Evolution
Mining fell
even more - by 10.76%.

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