Friday, July 13, 2018

Chinese economists no longer want

Chinese economists no longer want to maintain settlements in rubles

government hopes
that can be used
ruble in international trade and
get rid of the dollar could collapse.
On the eve of Chinese economists in the newspaper
"People's Daily" called ruble
"Too unstable and risky
currency for international payments. "
This writes "Independent newspaper".

The Chinese newspaper
write that the country is closely following
the state of the currency market in Russia.
Analysts expressed not in favor of
Russian currency. "Central Bank
Russia is very difficult to single-handedly turn the
the trend depreciation of the ruble. of force
huge market, which forced
confrontation will only hasten the flow
foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank"-
says the analyst of public risk
and credits Lee Hayshanya.

Problems with the ruble bad
and respond to China's economy.
"Rapid devaluation leads
for a huge foreign exchange risk
for Chinese export enterprises,
especially for those who have signed
contracts with Ruble calculated as
currency"- says the expert. Although
the share of such contracts are still very small.

Such doubts,
expressed in the official printed
authority can be regarded as a preparation
"Soil" for abandoning settlements
in the Russian currency, the ruble will continue if

When we did sanctions
against Russia, Putin is increasingly called
move to settlements in national currencies
- with those who did not support the sanctions.
And now the question of the Chinese partners
can be an unpleasant surprise
for the Russian authorities.

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