Thursday, April 26, 2018

Chart Control

Chart Control

The purpose of the indicator Chart Control is the ability to easily control the properties of MT4 chart. Additional indicator function allows applying or relieving properties of the graph of release.

When working with indicators that we develop and / or use, we realized that we change the same settings for many of our indicators.

Rather than add these custom settings to all of our indicators, it is wiser to use a single indicator, available free of charge.

At the moment, the indicator includes 23 custom settings, divided into 4 groups. Settings are described below in the corresponding group.

GENERAL SETTINGS - general settings

  • Reset Properties On Exit - if true, the LED will save the current chart settings before using custom settings, and then will apply the settings saved when you exit the display. If false, the custom settings are applied and are not deleted when you exit the display.

  • Chart Mode - view graphics: bars, candles or line.

  • Volume Mode - show or hide tick volume.

  • Price Chart Foreground - if true, the price will be displayed in the background graphics. When false price will be shown in the foreground.

  • auto Scroll - enable or disable auto-scroll.

  • Chart Shift - enable or disable the function of the shift schedule.

SHOW / HIDE - the display elements

  • Show OHLC - show or hide the opening price, high, low and closing (displayed in the upper left corner of the chart).

  • Show Ask Line - show or hide the Ask line.

  • Show Bid Line - Bid to show or hide the line.

  • Show Trade Levels - trade show or hide layers.

  • Show Grid - show or hide the grid.

  • Show Period Separator - show or hide period separators.

COLOR SETTINGS - Color Settings

  • Background Color - background color.

  • Foreground Color - Foreground color graphics plan (axis labels Y and X).

  • Line Color - color lines (linear graphics and Doji candles).

  • Up Color - the color of the growing of the bar (the color of the growing bar and its shadow, as well as the boundaries of the body of bullish candle).

  • Bull Color - bullish color (body color bullish candle).

  • Down Color - down bar color (the color of the bar downward, and its shadow, and the boundaries of the body bearish candle).

  • Bear Color - Bear color (body color bearish candle).

  • Bid Color - Bid color (used when the option Show Bid is set to true).

  • Grid Color - grid color (used when the Show Grid option is set to true).

  • Volume Color - volume color (used when the display of tick volume).

SCALE SETTINGS - scale adjustment

  • Chart Scale Fix - if true value is set to a fixed schedule rock mode where Y scale price is fixed. When false fixed scale is disabled.

Chart Control

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