Monday, February 5, 2018

America stock rose on Friday at

America stock rose on Friday at 1-1.5%

On Friday, July 10,
US stock indexes rose
the end of the session amid recovery
investor interest in risky assets
- the market has become more confident, seeing
weakening crisis manifestations in China
and the early progress in the negotiations on
Greece. But for the week US indices
changed very little: Dow Jones Industrial
Average rose by 0,2%, Standard Poor's 500 -
almost 0,1%, Nasdaq generally fell to 0.2%. But the profitability of US government bonds
I jumped up to a maximum of two months.

recent weeks
members of the US market is very
closely followed the news
headings, notes the analyst of Prudential
Financial Kuinsi Krosbi. "In the case of vacuum
- when the markets are waiting for corporate news
- their attention is drawn to the headlines. So
that there is nothing surprising in the large-scale
fluctuations after the events in Greece or
in China before the start of the next
the trading day in the US", - he said.

On Friday, the Dow
Jones Industrial Average rose by 1,21%, Standard
Poor's 500 index gained 1.04% and the Nasdaq Composite rose

Shares of Cablevision Systems
Corporation on Friday increased by 7.3% when
French billionaire Patrick Drai
He said he wanted to buy it
cable operator. American paper
Airlines Group Inc. increased by 3.9% when
airline has revised its plans
passenger capacity
in the US market and reduced the average
the cost of tickets.

Securities Alibaba Group
Holding Ltd. rose 1.6%, even though
on the news of the arrest of a top manager
Company Patrika Lyu on suspicion of
Corruption at the last place of work. Apple Inc. He has risen
Friday at 2.7%, as the market felt the fall
the company's shares during the previous
five sessions excessive.

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