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FORTS Helper

FORTS Helper

FORTS Helper helps you work on the futures market of the Moscow Exchange (FORTS) and avoids unnecessary stress and loss. Taking advantage of warnings about future events, you will not be left with the position that will not be able to close due to the fact that the trades do not go and do not get a margin count when an unexpected increase in the collateral (GO).


  • To calculate the position of said GO volume (at FORTS software may differ from the primary to ± 50%);

  • Warn in advance about the possible suspension of trading and increase in GO, due to reaching a limit price. Exchange warns about it only when the limit price has been reached, and no time to think;

  • It will alert you of the imminent completion of the trading session;

Features of work in the simulator

Simulator MetaTrader 5 does not provide the necessary indicators for the historical data. Therefore, in the simulation mode:

  • displaying limits and calculation shows GO approximate and does not reflect 100% accuracy happened in the past;

  • extension of limits and civil growth in the simulator does not occur.

Trading Sessions

Set how much warning of the end of the trading session.

When the end of close, every 30 seconds, an alarm sounds. So that the signal does not interfere with click on the mute button.

The dashed vertical line on the chart warns that the session is nearing completion. Thick solid shows the end time of the session. If a longer timeframe H1 line is not displayed.

Control of trading limits

On FORTS set upper and lower limits of the price. Upon reaching the limit bids are suspended limits expanded and increased demands on the warranty provisions (+ 100%). After resumption of trading price, as a rule, it makes a sharp move in the direction of the extended limit.

For example, 06/01/2017 trades futures contracts on ordinary shares of "Surgutneftegaz» (SNGR-6.17) were stopped for the expansion of the limits at 10:44, that is, within 44 minutes after the start of trading.

FORTS Helper alert window "alerts" and a mobile device that is passed up to the limit of 70% (adjusted).

Calculation of collateral

On FORTS GO for one contract can be from 50% to 150% of the initial support, published online exchange and shown in the terminal.

With the growth of prices: GO to purchase growing GO for sale falls. If you fall the other way around: GO for the purchase falls, GO for sale increases.

GO increases when increasing potential loss determines the distance up to the limit (upper or lower), which will be the loss. For example, when buying a potential loss is determined by the distance to the lower limit, so the growth rates of GO will grow.

When GO is less than 100%, note that after clearing the GO again becomes 100%.

To calculate the position, enter the amount in the field "Number of contracts". For calculation of GO for sale enter a negative number (e.g., "-5").


  • Ending Alarm (Minutes) - How much time to notify the end of the trading session, in short, allows for fractional values.

  • Sound Period (Minutes) - sound period, in minutes, allows for fractional values.

  • Limit Alarm (%) - The distance which extends to a limit value, wherein the issued alert, as a percentage.

  • Market Time Offset (Hours) - time offset from the stock exchange, in hours, allow a fractional value.

    • It is necessary to ask if your time zone is different from Moscow. For example, to ask GMT + 10 "7"

    • For correct operation of the server «MetaQuotes-Demo» is necessary to set "0.25" (for the Moscow time zone).

    • In the simulation, regardless of the server and the time zone must be set to "0".

A warning

  • The indicator may not replace the information published and sent out by the Exchange.

  • Trading schedule can be changed by the Exchange

  • Dangerous to use close to 100% CS account.

  • The indicator does not analyze account balances and positions. Calculated GO can be used to determine the funds required to open a position, if there are no open positions.

about the author

Ilya Baranov - a programmer with experience of 15 years, the creator of robots on their own strategies.

I am earning himself - and help you

FORTS Helper

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