Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Volume Expert

Volume Expert

The gauge searches for possible reversal of the price and is based on the testimony of copyright candlestick patterns and tick volume tool.

signal output concept is as follows

  • indicator algorithm searches for the last three candles preceding reversal patterns.

  • It compares with the testimony of tick volume (if the price is rising and at some point the volume fade, it can turn down if the price falls and the volume fade -. can turn up).

  • when there is evidence of bulls gain (in a falling market) or bear (on the rising market) indicator shows the signal in the form of an arrow on the buy / sell.


Let's say the price increases. Formed a new high. Begin to tick volume decrease. Indicator counts the number of orders passed for Bid / Ask price. If the number of application for more than Ask of Bid, then there is the possibility for a reversal of the market down. For transactions on purchase conditions reverse.


  • The indicator has a feature to search for an extremum at a certain number of bars. For the number of bars corresponds to the variable The Number Of Bars For The Calculation Of Extremum. The default is the number of bars is 50. That is, the extremum is sought for the last 50 bars. If a High / Low signal candles more / less than the High / Low of 50 bars, the indicator records the value of how extreme.

  • Different brokers providing quotes the testimony of tick volumes may differ, in that the indicator reading may be different.

  • The indicator is not redrawn!

  • When the signal strength indicator displays a message box with an audible alarm.

  • two kinds of detecting the signal embedded in the indicator. The first indications of the total volume of teak. The second number of indications Bulls / Bears ticks. All signals have the ability to enable / disable in the indicator settings.

Input parameters

------- "Indicator Alert"

  • Use Alert - use signal;

-------"Indicator Settings"

  • The Number Of Bars For The Calculation Of Extremum - the number of bars to calculate the extremum;

  • Bars Limit - limit calculation bars;

  • Show Reversal In The Bull / Bear Tick Volume - show Bulls / Bears reversals;

  • Show Reversal In The Tick Volume - show turns on volume;

-------"Indicator Information"

  • Show Information - display information about the instrument;

-------"Indicator Title Symbol"

  • Show Title Symbol - showing symbol tool;

  • Set Color Title Symbol - set the color of the symbol;

  • Set Font Size Title Symbol - set the font size;

  • Set Font Type Symbol - set the font type;

  • X Distance Symbol - O by a distance x axis;

  • Y Distance Symbol - O distance along axis y;

  • Set Corner Symbol - display angle;

-------"Indicator Price"

  • Show Price - show the current price of Bid;

  • Set Color Price - color set prices;

  • Set Font Size Title Price - set the font size;

  • Set Font Type Price - set the font type;

  • X Distance Price - O by a distance x axis;

  • Y Distance Price - O distance along axis y;

  • Set Corner Price - display angle;

-------"Indicator Spread"

  • Show Spread - show spread

  • Set Color Spread - set the color spread

  • Set Font Size Spread - set the font size;

  • Set Font Type Spread - set the font type;

  • X Distance Spread - O by a distance x axis;

  • Y Distance Spread - O distance along axis y;

  • Set Corner Spread - display angle;

  • Normalize Readings Spread - normalize readings spread (for the five-digit quotes)

------"Indicator Time To Bar Close"

  • Show Time To Bar Close - show time before the closing of the candle

  • Set Color Time - set the color of the time

  • Set Font Size Time - set the font size;

  • Set Font Type Time - set the font type;

  • X Distance Time - O by a distance x axis;

  • Y Distance Time - O distance along axis y;

  • Set Corner Time - display angle;

Volume Expert

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