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adviser GoodTrend designed for automated trading on the stock exchange. Robot hard trades while you go about your business.

Trading robot opens a warrant in the direction of the main trend, based on the strength trend.

When the robot takes a position signal in the direction of a trend, it closes more profit or averages the positions trend method. Unlike standard averaging robot will not trade against the major trend. Trade takes place mainly within the day.

Trading robot is equipped with a virtual level take profit and trailing stop.

Advisor works with all pairs, for each pair should be pre-optimization in the strategy tester. Recommend the use of minimum risk (0.01 per 1,000 deposit).

Input parameters

  • Fix_lot - fixed the initial lot;
  • Dynamic_lot - Initial Offer, calculated on the lot size 1,000 deposit;
  • StopLoss_Proc - stop-loss is calculated as a percentage of the deposit;
  • CountOrder_Close_Loss - the number of market positions after being closed all orders at a loss;
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit in points;
  • Index_Martin - The multiplier of the lot;
  • LotPlusLot - If "true", then the bid multiplier will be disabled, and to subsequent orders will be added the initial lot;
  • CountOrder_LPL_false - the number of market positions after which the item will be multiplied by a factor of the lot;
  • TrailingStart - number of points from the break-even line where trailing stop will be included;
  • TrailingStep - Step trailing stop in points;
  • lim_step - distance from a market order which opens the pending order, in points;
  • CountOrder_LS_rising - the number of market positions, after which "lim_step" will increase after each subsequent order;
  • lim_step_rising - the number of points by which to increase the "lim_step";
  • Index_Trend - trend index, the higher it is the more abrupt movements perceives adviser;
  • Max_Spread - The maximum spread, in points;
  • Trade_Only_On_One_Symbol - If "true", the trade is conducted only one character, if there is an open position.


  • User self-testing, determines the risks and using tools more appropriate in his view. It recommended to read a robot tester terminal strategies or demo account;

  • Spread a small increase profits;

  • The expert must be installed separately on each graph tradable instrument;

  • Currency pair: any;

  • Timeframe: unlimited (M1 recommended);

  • Dealing Center: Anyone that supports MetaTrader 4 platform;

  • Any type of account (recommended DMA, ECN, STP, NDD);

  • Recommended leverage of 1: 400 or more;

  • Recommended deposit of $ 1000 (cents for cent accounts) to trade micro lot 0.01.

Remember, all investment decisions are made solely by you.


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