Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Greece agrees to fulfill requirements

Greece agrees to fulfill the requirements of lenders

This statement was made
foreign experts, referring to the letter
Prime Minister Alexis Greece
Tsipras sent to the heads of the European Commission,
IMF and European Central Bank last night. As stated in
letter, Greece will accept all conditions
creditors who have been nominated in
Last weekend, but with little
changes. As expected, it can
serve as a basis for providing
new aid package in the coming days.

The letter asks Tsipras
extend the program in the amount of bailout
29.1 billion euros. "I would like to ask
your government to reconsider position
on this issue and support the revision
The Hellenic Republic a request to ministers
Eurozone finance the extension of the program
assistance in order to answer it
positively"- says Tsipras. is he
He notes that this decision will contribute to
the achievement of a mutually beneficial agreement
with creditors and resume economic growth
Greece in the euro zone.

Greek government
will take all the reforms in the tax system,
except for one - Tsipras asked to save
a special 30% discount for Greek
islands, many of which are located
far and have difficulty in supplying them
goods and resources.

In the pension
Reform Tsipras asked to delay action
the transition to a 67-year-old pension
age up to October 2022, instead of typing
them instantly. In addition, in a letter
there is a request to extend the deadline "tax
solidarity"From which is supported
20% of poor pensioners - until 2019.

First confirmed in the IMF,
Greece has requested to extend
payments on loans. Finance ministers
Eurozone should discuss the new proposal
Tsipras afternoon.

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