Thursday, November 2, 2017

World stocks rose after rebound

World stocks rose after a rebound on Wall Street

Wall Street ended the protracted six-day drop in global stock indices and provoked the restoration of quotations on Asian stock exchanges. The index S P 500 added 3.90%, thereby fully recouping losses the previous day, Nasdaq rose 4.24%, the most popular stock index Dow Jones jumped in price by 3.95%.

USD / JPY reacted to statements Kuroda moderately, in the Asian session, the pair is trading sluggishly in a range between 119.70 and 120.37. From open positions in the dollar traders keeps the uncertainty surrounding the start of a cycle of tightening the monetary policy of the Fed and the expectation of the publication of a change in US GDP data volume in the 2nd quarter (today afternoon)

GBP / USD during the last 2 days lost 2.30% and is now stabilized just above the 1.5161 level, given the level of 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of the rally in June. Following the schedule closest support is located at the level of 1.5330 (at least July 8), and above the graph near resistance concentrated at 1.5550 (50% Fibonacci correction).

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